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There are a million online resources, books and apps available that claim they will help you train smarter, achieve that 10km time you always dreamed of or get you off the couch and onto the pavements like an elite athlete. Many of them are very good and will be a great resource to you in your quest to become a better runner and smash those goals. Though none of them can be really see exactly how you are running or look into your eyes and read between the lines of what is really going on in your training.

We honestly believe that absolutely every runner, or non-runner who wants to run, can and will benefit from having a running coach. UK Athletics share this belief and that is why they have invested the time and money in developing the Coach in Running Fitness Qualification. This Qualification is specifically for runners and does not cover the throwing or jumping events that an Athletics Coach is expected to have knowledge of. This means that a Coach in Running Fitness is able to concentrate on building an unrivaled depth of knowledge in how they can assist runners in meeting the goals they desire. This can be for complete beginners looking to take their first steps in a new life as a runner or a seasoned athletes simply wanting to tweak that extra 2-3% to Qualify for a Boston Marathon place or catch that club team mate they have been chasing round courses for the last year.

It is surprising how many runners are wandering through their training plans, ticking off the days, with no real understanding of the purpose of the session or how sometimes what they are doing is actually detrimental to the goal they are trying to achieve!.

What a Good Running Coach Can Do for You:

  • Build an individual SMART training program based on your specific goals / aims.
  • Take into account your work patterns, life commitments, any health issues or lifestyle choices.
  • Assist with basic in and out of competition nutrition / hydration needs and requirements, working with other health professionals where required.
  • Provide personalised injury prevention techniques and work with Physiotherapists / Doctors / Consultants to rehabilitate injured runners back to full fitness.
  • Help runners change form / technique to improve efficiency and overall running performance in a slow and controlled manner.
  • Understand what it takes to motivate you to finish that difficult session, question why a performance wasn’t where it could have been, discuss / dissect race tactics or a workouts aims and work with the runner to find a way of moving up to reach that goal whether that be physical or mental.
  • Simply be someone to share the journey with, running can be a lonely place at times, especially when the rain is falling and the wind is blowing!!

Why RunSmart Coaching:

First and foremost, we simply want people to enjoy running!

Whether that be finally running to the corner of your street with your son/daughter, taking part in your local parkrun on a saturday, being confident in your ability to join that local running club / group, finishing the London Marathon for your chosen charity or finally beating that Personal Best that has been evading you. We want it all to be done with a smile on your face!!

RunSmart Coaching while serious and professional will always be fun, we have not been elite athletes, we have families and we understand the pressures that come with working and trying to achieve personal running goals.

We will work with you on a personal level to understand your aims and build a program together that will give you the best chance to achieve them.

if you want to know more simply fill in the contact form on the “contact us” pageĀ  or Email: Coaching@RunSmart.org.uk and we will be in touch.

Click on Picture for Simon Croft Case Study

Click on Picture for Simon Croft Case Study

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