* Group Member Comments

Tina-Marie Maitland

“Really enjoyed the run tonight! Some great company and encouragement on the way round and excellent cake at the end too!”

Simon Kirkman

“Thank you so much for tonight, great running, great company, amazing cakes! good to see that everyone kept up and you and Carl managed the different paces. Really enjoyed it, busy the next couple of weeks, but I’ll be there whenever I can! Thank you!”

Sarah Eccles

“Anyone thinking of doing this should just give it a go. Don’t worry about how old you are or how unfit… If you are determined you will be able to do it. I started the beginners course with RunSmart in January and have never looked back. I had never run before, was overweight and very unfit. I felt very self conscious on arrival, but was instantly put at ease by the leaders. The encouragement and support of other runners, all with their own personal reasons for starting was also crucial. Don’t get me wrong it was not easy, but then again things that we are usually proud of in life do not come easily! Every week as the distance was upped I kept thinking ‘there is absolutely no way I can do this’. Now, eight months on I feel a different person. Not only did I finish the course, but have gone on to do parkruns and have even managed a 10k race.  None of this could have been achieved without Runsmart, it’s fantastic, committed and supportive leaders and all the other RunSmarties that began with me. As if that isn’t enough… I have met and made some fabulous friendships and lost over two stone in weight. I can’t imagine life without running now. Give it a go!! There’s no better group to do it with.”

Lisa Hill

“If you’re sat reading this wondering if you should come along….do it! For a long time I had been making the usual excuses not to do any form of exercise – too tired, too busy, no fitness…. I saw the link for RunSmart and wondered what it was all about. I thought about it and was really was scared when I sent a message asking if I could join! I turned up on a dark, cold January evening not knowing anyone and that was the best decision I have made. Everyone was friendly and encouraging and we were all in the same position. I can’t tell you just how chuffed I was when we’d finished a run one evening and someone said we’d done 5k – that was less than two months of following the plan – I never thought I would ever be able to do that! I’m now preparing to run 10k for a charity – not bad seeing as I couldn’t run round the corner at Christmas! Come along – you’ll be very welcome and you will surprise yourself by what you can achieve!”